Who We Are

A Look at Germantown Cohousing Members

Germantown Cohousing members include a teacher who bikes the Natchez Trace, a real estate agent who loves yoga and a musician with a voice like an angel.

Members love music, from opera to African drumming.

Members like to bike, walk and sometimes run. We have one attorney who is a triathlete and another who golfs. They aren’t the same person!

We have members who love to read and picked Germantown Cohousing because they already live in the neighborhood and can walk to the Nashville Public Library branch at 5th and Taylor.

We’ve got dog-lovers, Scrabble fiends, pottery buffs and theatergoers. Most of us try to take advantage of Greater Nashville’s many cultural offerings whenever we can.

One member has a flair for cooking up stellar Texas cuisine. More than one member has a talent for growing flowers and vegetables.

We all have a passion for helping this community grow and our commitment to the project and each other is clear.